Eco & Peepo-Friendly Production Company specializing in creating & documenting EcoVillages 'cause we all want to be part of the Souluzion rather than the Pollution!

Board members:

Artur Borok
Edible-artist/restaurateur & permaculture aficionado, Amrta (pronounced Ahm-ree-tah) will delight audiences with his knowledge of sustainable agriculture & make their mouths water with his succulent cuisine. He hails from Hungary & has cooked & composed music from India to Philadelphia. After years of social & environmental activism, Amrta is currently launching a new venture in Sweden called R.A.W. Republik and is co-founder of Souluzion.

00-46 732 30 6969

Gabriela Sosa
Emmy™ Award-winning producer & producer on Which Way Home, Academy Award™ Nominee, Gabriela Sosa, a Panama native, a is an avid environmentalist & long time proponent of alternative energy. While interning at the Green Party in the European Parliament, Gabi dedicated her adult academic life to the furtherance of organic agriculture production & trade. After a brief career as a newscaster on Univion's KMEX, Gabriela went on to study film & TV production. The journey has lead to her current endeavor, Souluzion, an eco-development firm.


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